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EFT Founding Master
Specialist In Complex PTSD

paul lynch tiverton eft practitioner

Paul Lynch EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Founding Master

EFTI Advanced practitioner

Best selling international Author of 'Emotional Healing in Minutes'

Creator of 'The colour of pain'

Contributing author of 'EFT and beyond'

International speaker on the colour of pain

EFT via FaceTime, Skype or zoom

All treatments can be done via FaceTime, Skype or zoom. Please contact me for further details.

a 2 minute EFT weekly VLOG interview Tiverton, Devon

I’ll also do a 2 minute EFT weekly VLOG interview.

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Complex PTSD and EFT

Complex PTSD and EFT

When I first started using EFT in my practice in 1998, like most therapists, I welcomed all emotional disorders with open arms. Then, after I co authored ‘Emotional Healing in Minutes’ in 2000, my interest lay in the treatment of phobias; why? Because phobias are so